¡Gun battle between marines and hitmen known as “Sicarios”! #LOSCABOS


San Jose del Cabo (California Sur).-Last night At 8:20 p.m., residents of the neighborhood Costa Dorada were informing about the firearm shots type blast.

What it really happened , in accordance with the preliminary reports, is that gunmen from two vehicles attacked the occupants of a vehicle of the State Police with elements of the Navy of Mexico that were doing alertness trips.
Immediately all the safety corporations were alert about the act, what what untied a pursuit along the transpeninsular highway that concluded in the area known as “vado Santa Rosa”, close to avenue La Paz, where it continued the fire exchange between gunmen and military elements.

On the other hand there were pursuing a gray sedan vehicle , mark Hyundai that there was intercepted on the street Cabo Pulmo of the neighborhood Santa Rosa.

To the moment as result of the clashing, it was reported a person without life and an injured person of the edict aggressor, they were on board of a van Toyota Tacoma of black color, where also there was an arrested aggressor who turned out to be unharmed. In the shooting an element of the Marina was wounded by bullets that apparently, his life is not in risk.

According to the act on street Cabo Pulmo street of Santa Rosa neighborhood were found three more aggressors without life who were in the van Hyunday of gray color, in accordance with the preliminary reports. This is a fact without precedents in this city, which generated confusion in the beginning since also it was mentioned of collateral damages.



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