USA steps back its alert of traveling to Los Cabos, the violence indexes have gone down 

Related to the updating traveling alerts  that expresses the Department of the State , the cities of La Paz, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas  are not considered as highly dangerous but they are qualified as LEVEL 2 . This is that with all the precautions, the citizens of this country can be mobilized to these destinations. This substitutes the alert updated in August of last year, where emphasis the wave of violence in Los Cabos, situation that has been mentioned by the report announced today much early. With this practically the cities of South Baja California frequented 
by tourists of the United States stay out of the trip alerts.
On January 10, 2018, the Department of the State presented a series of progress to the way in which we transmit information to the American travelers. This progress will offer to the American citizens information about safety in clear, opportune and reliable form in the whole world. 

In accordance with the new system, traveling recommendations will be offered for all  countries, at levels of recommendations that will go from the 1 to 4:·
 Level 1 – to Take normal precautions: This is the low recommendation level  for safety risks. All the international trips imply a certain risk. In other countries, the conditions can differ from those who exist in the United States and to change in any moment.· 
Level 2 – to Take major precautions: There must be considered to be the existence of major risks for the safety and the protection. The Department of the State offers additional recommendations to the travelers in these areas across the Recommendations of Trip. In all countries, the conditions can change in any moment.
Level 3 – to Reconsider the trip: It would be necessary to avoid to travel due to serious risks for the safety and protection. The Department of the State offers additional recommendations to the travelers in these areas, across the Recommendations of traveling. In all countries, the conditions can change in any moment.· 
Level 4 – not to travel: This is the biggest recommendation level due to the biggest risks probability for the life. During an emergency, it is possible that the government of the United States has a very limited aptitude to offer assistance. The Department of the State advises to the American citizens not to travel to the country or that go away from there as soon as it is sure. The Department of the State offers additional recommendations to the travelers in these areas across the Recommendations of Trip. In all the countries, the conditions can change in any moment.
The traveling Recommendations for every country replace to the previous Warnings of Trip and Alerts of Trip. Although we will express a general level of Recommendations of Traveling for every country, the recommendations levels might change in certain places or areas inside a country. For example, perhaps let’s advise to the American citizens “to Take major precautions” (Level 2) in a country, but “to Reconsider the decision to travel” (Level 3) to a specific area inside the same country.
Our detailed Recommendations of Trip also will exhibit clear motives for the assigned level, using established risk indicators, and will offer specific advice to the American citizens who choose to travel to these places:· 
C – Crime: The violent crimes or the organized crime have presence generalized in some regions of the country. The aptitude of the local authorities of law enforcement to answer to serious crimes might be limited.· 
T – Terrorism: Terrorist attacks have taken place and/or there might be specific threats against civil, groups or other targets.· 
U- Social Conflict: There is political, economic, religious and/or ethnic instability that might cause violence, important disturbances and/or risks for the safety.· 
H – Health: Risks exist for the health, including current sprouts of illnesses or a crisis that disturbs the medical infrastructure of a country. A factor might be that there has been expressed a Notice of Trip of the Centers for the Control of the Illnesses (Centers for Disease Control – CDC).· 
N – Natural disaster: A natural disaster or its consequences imply dangers.· And – Event limited in the time: An event of short term, like an election, sports event or another incident, which might represent a risk for the safety.
O- Other: There are potential risks that are not covered by indicators of previous risks. To read the Recommendations of Trip to obtain more details.
The Recommendations of Trip will be analyzed and will update as it is necessary, according to changes to the safety information.
Also, the embassies and the consulates of the United States will express from now on Alerts to replace the current Messages of Emergency and safety Messages. 

The alerts will inform the American citizens about specific considerations of safety of a country, such as declarations, criminal tendencies and climatic events.
The recently re-designed center of information for travelers of the Department of the State < / and gt;, will contain all the Recommendations of Trip, recent Alerts expressed for every country and an interactive map with friendly formats for the mobile devices. The pages of the countries on the web site will keep on including all the information about trips that is available at present, including details on requisites of entry / exit, laws and local customs, conditions of health, transport and other excellent topics.In order to receive innovations on safety and another important information while they travel, the American citizens can register its trip plans in the Program of Inscription of the Intelligent Traveler (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, STEP) ( < / and gt;), and to follow in Twitter (@travelgov <;) and Facebook ( <;).



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