Seven men were massacred to blows with a machete in a ownership

Guerrero negro  (California).-An unusual situation was brought to the emergency number by neighbors of the neighborhood Solidaridad at half after two in the morning of this Saturday, when they listened to women’s screams what at first it was thought to be a fight.

After that on Félix Ortega and Juan Domínguez Cota arrived the police units at a ownership. Where they observed several people of the masculine sex complaining soaking in blood. They all were presenting cuts produced by machetes.
Immediately paramedics requested to units and concerning minutes two Civil defense ambulances appeared in the place as well as one of the Red Cross that evacuated seven people with visible wounds in several parts.The injured men were moved to the hospital of the IMSS, with deep wounds in hands, arms, lung, head. One of them completely crossed at a height of the breast because it was presenting respiratory conditions and he is afraid for its life.
Unofficially the 

disables  people, all natives of this city of Guerrero negro were identified like:

1. – Ulises Hernández Reyes

2. – Julius Caesar Tapia Osorio

3. – Jesus Javier Maclis Verdugo

4.-Julio Sández García

5. – Ignacio Arce Arce

6. – José Dolores Luna

7. – Luis Manuel Espitia Gallardo 
When he asked about them those who were in conditions to speak on the happened, only they mentioned that there came several subjects to which they do not know with intentions of assaulting them. Nevertheless they insisted that they did not want to place any denunciation against any person as regards this fact.

From yesterday evening their relatives do shifts out of the facilities of the Hospital waiting for news on the health of the injured men.


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