Governor of BCS takes part in meeting of the “CONAGO”

There was supporting also the secretary of Government Alfonso Navarrete and the holder of the CNDH Luis Raúl González.“To establish a more prosperous and successful country it is fundamental that we guarantee three government levels to the Mexicans the respect and full practice of its human rights”, made sure the governor Carlos Mendoza Davis after being present at the meeting of the National Commission of Governors (CONAGO) on this topic, headed by the chief of Tabasco and president of the same one, Arturo Núñez Jiménez; the secretary of Government Alfonso Navarrete Prida and the holder of the National Commission of the Human rights (CNDH) Luis Raúl González, realized in the Mexico City.

On having made use of the voice, chief of the state Executive celebrated the will of the governors of all the federative entities to coordinate efforts that allow to optimize and reinforce the work of the institutions in this matter, at the time that he confirmed the will of South Baja California to join the strategies and national initiatives directed to protect and to defend the individual guarantees of the citizens, as well as to prepare the discrimination. Mendoza Davis also emphasized the commitment of the government of the State to keep on collaborating with the authorities and with the proper CNDH so that the crime committed against the one who was a president of the Commission of Human rights in B.C.S., Silvestre De La Toba, does not remain unpunished, on having remembered the creation of a Specializing District attorney’s office to attend to the investigation and to take the persons in charge before the justice.

“I am sure that all the members of this Commission and of whom today they take part in her, we will assume as a whole the responsibility of looking over the human rights of all the Mexicans, in a frame of absolute legality and democracy; attending in a punctual way to the recommendations of the CNDH. From the Government that honored me in heading, ratified my interest to keep on implementing actions that impel the progress and well-being of the families”, Carlos Mendoza concluded. In this meeting where also there was present the chief of Government of the Mexico City and coordinator of the safety Commission and Justice of the CONAGO, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa; as well as the president of the Mexican Federation of Public Organisms of Human rights (FMOPDH), Adolfo López Badillo, tackled the normatividad that on this matter applies in each of the states, in order to apply continuous progress in the system. Of equal way, the measurements were analyzed so that the Local Commissions of the Human rights are provided with major safety conditions for the development of its functions. Also, there were informed the public organisms of human rights of the Republic, on the situation that the FMOPDH keeps in safety topics, normatividad and I budget.


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